Let It Rain: The Rock and Run Experience

The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands…. – Deuteronomy 28:12 (NIV)

I prayed to God for the rain to stop. But God has a different plan. He wanted to show that he is sovereign in all things. He made the rain pour heavily into the streets of Fort Bonifacio for more than an hour. As usual, the Rock and Run event pushed through with no delay. There were no live bands that played along the route as  publicized previously, no concert afterwards (maybe there’s one but I left the event after I finished); but I can say that the event was one of my most memorable run so far.

Wet look after running in the rain for almost an hour
with my brother Meldrin

I joined the Rock and Run event yesterday (June 19th) in Fort Bonifacio for one major reason; it won’t be held on a Sunday morning unlike majority of the racing event out there. For me, Sunday morning will always be best spent in my local church in Bulacan. Before the race, we went to Fitness First to change clothes. When we are about to go to the starting line at around 5:25 PM, heavy rain started to pour. I looked at the dark clouds and I felt like it will never stop just in time for the gun shot at 6PM. My running buddy Aileen decided not to risk her health and went back inside the gym to just run in a treadmill. I initially hesitated but my adventurous nature still convinced me to give it a try. This would be another experience that I will definitely cherish and I’ll just worry about the aftermath of possibly getting a cold or a flu.

Starting line before the rain

While still raining heavily, the 10K race started at around 6:05PM. The band tried to play but I think they have to turn off the sound system for safety reason so they just improvised using drum rolls to keep the excitement going. The participants (including me) started shouting while running. We heard thunders but the noise coming from the runners was loud enough to keep us going. After around 10 minutes, you can only hear the constant rain drops. There was no more shouting. I guess it started to sink in that we are running wet all through out with heavy wet shoes and clothes. I was afraid that I won’t finish the race. There were some flooded areas that made the route even more difficult. Worst, I was  forced to look down while running because my face and eyes cannot bear the heavy rain. Knowing that it’s a bad move to look down while running (we always have a tendency when we get tired), I looked up and told myself “let it rain, let it rain”. To my amazement, the rain gave me renewed strength. I started to run faster than ever, since I started racing last February. I finished the race in 54 minutes and 40 seconds. Thank God! I never went below 1 hour in a 10K run. This was my best finish so far after a 1:01 clock time last April in the Mizuno run. Congratulations as well to my brother Meldrin for finishing in the 5K category.

Literally, this event is indeed a wet and wild experience. While the race is fondly called “Rock and Run” because they are supposed to feature live band performances from the stage and along the route, it turned out to be “Rain and Run”. Thanks to the organizers for still pushing through. I know they hesitated as well because they didn’t expect the sudden change in the weather but I want to give a big KUDOS to them for still letting us experience running while raining. I did not hear any complaints about misleading signs, incorrect turns etc. I will definitely not criticize them for not having the “Rock” atmosphere because it is no longer important that night. Congratulations to all, with brave souls, finished their respective events (3k, 5K, 10K). For those who chose not to continue (I saw several people who decided to stay in the gym or just joined the spectators), you have made a good choice for not risking your health but you missed all the fun! Even though I failed to bring my iPod touch (I always play music while running), the song in my heart motivated me to give my 100% strength. God made it rain for a specific reason, so I said in response “let it rain, let it rain!”.

More pictures in my Flickr page here.

Watch the You Tube video of Michael W. Smith’s song entitled “Let It Rain”.

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