All About Instagram Best 9

It’s almost the end of 2018 and if you are active in social media like me, most especially Instagram; you probably saw an increasing number of posts about their Instagram Best 9s. It’s pretty much self-explanatory and it doesn’t take a genius to know that it’s basically a grid collection of all your “best” Instagram photos for the year and when I say best, it means the most-liked pictures. Well, it won’t give you the ranking or the actual no. of likes per photo but it will give you the overall total likes you’ve had for the year with the count of photos you’ve posted in Instagram.

I won’t bore you much further and will just outline the 2 third-party sites/apps to help you to follow the trend.

  1. The easiest way to do it is to go to (yes, the URL is still for 2017 but the algorithm was updated to generate your 2018 best nine). This is very simple because all you need to do is enter your IG (Instagram) username (no e-mail, SMS or registration required) and hit the GET button. Depending on the volume traffic, you can generate your own in an instant or you might need to wait several minutes.  Snip20181230_2

Afterwards, you’ll see your nice best 9 collection to relive the memories of the past year. It will now give you the option to share the photo grid in IG, Facebook or Twitter.

For 2018, mine was a collection of my trips both locally and abroad with pictures from my recent NYC trip, Mt. Mayon and that sunset view from Misibis Bay Resort, Boracay before the rehabilitation (tthat portrait shot at the beach and the shameless candid view of my jaccuzzi experience at Discovery shores lol) and my most memorable trip of the year in New Zealand (that nice mountain and lake view from my room in Queenstown and of course my 1st ever attempt to jump in the historic Kawarau bridge, the birthplace of Bungy jumping).

Note: If you are are stalker, you can practically generate best 9s of any other IG users (I think for as long as their IG account is not set to private) just by entering their own username instead. I’ve tried it a couple of times but I won’t tell you which accounts I’ve used haha.


2. Now, there is a 2nd equally popular 3rd-party app that can do the same trick for you and even better but it will take a little longer.

1st, you will need to download the Best Nine app from the Apple Appstore or Google Play, log-in to your IG account and authorize the app to generate your grid. Yes, it has the usual annoying ads and you will need to pay (I think $1.99) to remove the ads and use some more features, but the great news is you have the option to generate your best 9 even from 2011. fullsizeoutput_a77a

I was able to generate my own from 2012 onwards and I just feel so grateful to have a quick glimpse of all the places I’ve been to for the past several years (I really have a lot of trips that I need to blog about).

If you want to kill time and see what other people were up to for the whole year, you may search for the hashtags #2018bestnine or #bestnine2018

Let me just give this reminder that as we look forward to what 2019 has in store for us, and while you may get the Best 9s from your social media life with thousands of likes or even followers; the best things in life are way beyond what we reveal in social media. I believe that God knows what’s best for us, He knows where we are headed and He has great plans for us all according to His will. We can then definitely say that the best is yet to come!

Happy New Year, everyone! CHEERS 🙂







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